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A Well Written Open Letter to Staff Concerning the Firms Acquisition Well Written Informative and Respectful

Marvellous in many firms and industies outside of the “head office” , rah , rah rah at sales meetings staff are outside kept in the dark and are indeed treated with the “Just doing my Job” “The rules are golden and they are my rules” . Overall the Peon style of management.

Not so below:


Even if you missed our internal announcement, I’m sure you’ve read the news in the press by now already.

Slintel is now a part of 6sense.

These last few weeks have been absolutely exhilarating (to say the least). I know many of you will have questions around what this means for us, our customers, and the future of the B2B RevTech landscape.

This letter will answer some of those questions. 

But first things first

I want to take a moment to celebrate this milestone and also express my gratitude to you.

We launched the first version of Slintel in 2018 and over the last three years, we have achieved some extraordinary things. 

We’ve quintupled our revenue year-on-year and established ourselves as a market leader in delivering B2B go-to-market insights.

We have quickly grown from being a small team of ambitious individuals to being acquired by a global leader in the account-based engagement and revenue intelligence space. 

An organization’s success can only be attributed to the genius and the relentless toil of everyone that’s a part of it. Our story is no different.

I’m immensely grateful for your support, trust, efforts, and contributions.–Chief-Revenue-Officer–Chorus-ai-a-ZoomInfo-company-e157sq8Thank you.

Now, back to the future

Why 6sense?

Many of you know that several other companies have expressed interest to acquire Slintel in the past. While we were flattered by these offers, we passed on them because we wanted to continue to work towards the vision we set out to achieve.

However, when we looked at 6sense, things were different.

It’s almost uncanny just how much 6sense and Slintel’s worldviews align. Both teams strongly believe that the market is becoming more buyer-driven, and that to succeed, revenue teams need to be smarter, more data-driven, and empathetic to the buyer’s interests.

Also, our offerings perfectly complement each other. One is a market-leading GTM Intelligence product while the other is a best-in-class GTM Orchestration product. One has an inbound-heavy, product-led motion while the other is great at closing enterprise deals. 

With the alignment in vision, product, and GTM expertise, it became clear that Slintel and 6sense are stronger together and can power better experiences for our customers. Also, to be honest, it is extremely rare to find a company that is a clear market leader, growing faster than everyone else with a near perfect Glassdoor employee rating.

6sense welcomed all of us to join all of them—and it all lined up perfectly.

If you read 6sense CEO Jason Zintak’s post on the RevTech Revolution, you’ll notice how we were working towards a common goal long before we even had our first interaction. You’ll also see that the pain points and opportunities he’s addressing are things we’ve discussed in our own meetings.

Every conversation with the 6sense Team has reaffirmed my belief that our companies are a perfect fit for each other. I’m certain you’ll feel the same way when you interact with them.

This isn’t an exit, and we shouldn’t treat this as one. This is just the beginning of bigger, better things together, and an opportunity for two phenomenal companies to join hands to realize our vision faster.

Our shared vision and the future of the product

Both Slintel and 6sense strongly believe that there needs to be transparency and trust between buyers and sellers to bring about the most optimal outcomes for both parties. Our shared vision is to build a world in which this is the norm. 

Slintel and 6sense’s combined solution is the most complete B2B revenue generation platform in the market, and will allow revenue teams to deliver pipeline goals efficiently, on time, and in style. 

Together, we will enable organizations to:

  1. Plan, uncover, prioritize, engage, measure, and forecast progress against revenue opportunities
  2. Get technographic, firmographic, and business insights at the account level as well as modern contact data to drive more relevant, personalized, and timely campaigns
  3. Receive market alerts about relevant changes captured from hundreds of attributes across millions of companies every week
  4. Capture more intent signals to uncover revenue opportunities more accurately

Think of Slintel’s insights as the fuel to 6sense’s engine. Together, we will help our customers propel their way into an account-based everything world while delivering customized experiences for their buyers.

What changes now for our customers?

Absolutely nothing. 

The Slintel team will continue to keep moving forward and adding to our product. Our priorities remain the same and we are even more committed to delivering on our promise to our customers.

We are eager to set out on this journey to power the RevTech Revolution together, by combining our GTM Intelligence with 6sense’s GTM orchestration.

What is the RevTech Revolution?

There has been a fundamental shift in B2B buying that needs to be reflected across every sales and marketing organization to maintain a competitive edge. 

Buyers are spending more time on digital research than ever and 80% of buying decisions are complete before buyers start a conversation with a rep.

In this buyer-powered world, traditional methods of selling aren’t as effective anymore. Sales and marketing teams need a new, smart way of doing things—they need to understand buyers, their pain points, and what they need to be able to customize experiences for them. 

Traditional marketing automation and CRM software are not built for the future and don’t help accomplish this. We are going to see a new breed of software that combines buyer intelligence with GTM orchestration to drive optimal outcomes for sales and marketing teams.

So here we are in the era of the RevTech Revolution—the shift from:

  • Traditional selling to intent-powered selling
  • Decoupled workflows to orchestrated buyer experiences
  • Spray and pray campaigns to AI recommending the next best action by analyzing millions of data points

What next?

Life as usual, of course!

A new quarter is beginning, and we’ll continue to do what we do best—providing a world-class GTM intelligence solution to revenue teams. 

Before I sign off, I just want to thank our employees, customers, partners, investors and everyone once again for believing in the Slintel dream, and for being a part of this movement.

Now, on to the RevTech Revolution with 6sense!

Learn more about how this acquisition will enable you to achieve predictable revenue growth in our upcoming webinar.

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