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Digital signage provides calming presence amidst coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus has shaken almost every industry, as investors and consumers alike are panicking over the true impact of the virus.

Due to increasing restrictions on public gatherings and travel, people are becoming far more isolated as well. Digital signage vendors are also feeling the impact of the coronavirus due to supply chain restrictions and stock market volatility.

“Stock market volatility as a result of coronavirus fears may cause budget reductions and approval delays that could impact demand for digital signage vendors in the near-term,” Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign, told Digital Signage Today.

 However, during tumultuous times, digital signage can prove to be a calming factor that can both provide tools to help people stay connected and stay informed.

Staying connected

Many schools have shut down to help contain the coronavirus outbreak. But while buildings may be closed it doesn’t mean that students can’t keep on learning.

For example, ViewSonic Corp., a provider of education digital signage, is offering its myViewBoard collaboration software for free for schools. This software offers tools ranging from video conferencing, digital whiteboarding and huddles to help teachers stay connected with their students even during outbreaks.

“As a stakeholder in the education sector, we wanted to make sure we’re doing our part in supporting schools, educators, students and parents in this very trying time, especially those without access to distance learning,” said James Chu, CEO of ViewSonic, in a release on the initiative. “While some schools with pre-existing capabilities have already implemented distance learning during school closures, many more have been caught off guard by the coronavirus and have ceased all in-person classes.”

These tools are also helping businesses stay connected.

“Companies facing travel restrictions will host more meetings remotely, so we expect to see a big uptick in the use of our Zoom App that enables companies to conduct video collaboration over their networked displays,” Staisey Divorski, VP of marketing for Enplug, said in an interview.

Staying informed

Another key use for digital signage is to help provide public safety information for people to help protect themselves from infection and keep up-to-date on the latest news.

“Digital signage plays a more important role than ever in trying times like these. That’s because sharing important health and safety information quickly is necessary for keeping employees and customers safe,” Divorski said.

For example, workplaces can deliver reminders to use hand sanitizer or to wash their hands via displays throughout a building, so that employees constantly have that top of mind when they are going about business.

On the outdoor segment, DOOH displays can deliver health tips such as how long to wash hands and time-sensitive information about business closings.

The goal for digital signage during these stressful times should be to provide good information and to create a positive experience for customers.

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